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Creating Impact – A creative custom design for Sydney Water

We have had the absolute pleasure of getting creative with a custom designed trade stand for Sydney Water, exhibiting at the OZ Water Exhibition this year, so first and foremost, a HUGE thank you to Sydney Water.
Walking into a trade show, you are often confronted by a sea of shell scheme in varying shades of white and grey, with a couple of plasma screens thrown in the mix. Because of this, there are so many opportunities missed, particularly when it comes to providing a strong brand representation and enticing those all important visitors!

Working with a well established and forward thinking company, we were fortunate enough to stretch our creative muscle and provide something that really stood out on the exhibition floor.


While a strong visual presence and brand representation was key, we also worked closely with Sydney Water to ensure the stand worked for them, and all involved in exhibiting at their stand. This meant clear traffic flow areas and seamless integration of technology, including careful planning and positioning of key elements for maximum impact, engagement and practicality.


Adaptability was also important. When working in a small space, providing elements that can allow different types of interaction – whether its a large crowd listening to a presentation or an intimate conversation between an exhibitor and a interested visitor, the stand must be able to provide a comfortable environment in all scenarios and adapt to changing requirements without compromising access to key elements.


Last but not least, we didn’t skimp on the detail! Its those little things, that require a closer look that really pull in passers buy.

What we learnt? So much can be gained if you aren’t afraid to get creative, customise and break away from the expected! But most importantly, ensure you always design with the end user in mind.

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