Put your own stamp on your space, with the ultimate in man cave luxury


Man Caves are masculine, interactive environments that add the “wow” factor to any environment. Featuring an array of artistic and eclectic elements tailored to you, Man Caves turn a bland space into an engaging, intimate and bespoke experience for your guests. With themes ranging from Rock ‘n’ Roll to Vintage Speakeasy and from Industrial to Sports

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We are excited to announce the most exciting interactive photo experience on the planet!


Never before has there been a more engaging photographic experience with access to an extensive library of 3D backgrounds chosen by you and the potential for social media sharing and custom designs. Couple this with an exclusive package including props, costumes, stylists and settings designed specifically for your theme, you can be assured that this will

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Introducing Pure Yoga

Yoga pose2

Is your office missing a mind-body connection? There’s a growing global trend in health, fitness and integrated workplaces. Many leading companies are creating their own in-house fitness centres to support staff wellbeing. While creating new on-site facilities may not always be an option, the important part is recognizing the value of your employees, their health,

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Pop Art Explosion


The Pop to popism exhibition has taken over the Art Gallery of NSW with more than 200 works exploring the origins of pop art and the ‘cultural revolution’ which was led by artists who sought to rethink which was, in their eyes, a stifling social order ruled by conformity. Pop art exploded onto the cultural scene in the early 1960s

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Simply White


White is the underdog, despite its versatility so we are giving our WHITE MODERN range the spotlight this week. White represents elegance, simplicity and luxury all at once. Its calming and sophisticated on its own or can be one of the best compliments to a bold or unusual feature in a space.  

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